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Get your business Auto Enrolment compliant

Nick Westbury & Co, alongside Husky, are supporting you to get the right Auto Enrolment solution for your business and staff

Nick Westbury & Co with the help and support of Husky Finance making Auto Enrolment easy for you

Auto enrolment can appear daunting, especially if you've not setup and operated a workplace pension scheme before.

Nick Westbury and Husky Finance have partnered to make sure you get it right; setting up a scheme that is not just compliant, but one that is the right fit for your business.

No matter how your business is structured, it is always best to speak to experts, whether you are a Single or Multiple Director business, your staff are earning under thresholds or you simply want to understand your obligations.

Within 5-10 minutes, Husky's team of experts can help you understand your obligations, if any, and guide you through your responsibilities quickly and cost-effectively.

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Helping you get the right pension scheme setup and manage it every month

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