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Read the latest thoughts and opinion on auto enrolment and Husky's strive to bring order to the workplace pension environment.

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Start-ups at risk over auto-enrolment duties

October 2017: Don’t ignore obligations of the pension auto-enrolment Duties Start Date, which covers all companies without a staging date or entrepreneurs about to start up a new business, warns Husky Finance’s Jonathan Snicker.

Auto Enrolment, Startups

Working together for micro employers

Whitley Stimpson and Husky Finance make it easy for micro employers to gear up for auto enrolment

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Auto enrolment will permanently change how every business operates

A permanent shift


Making Auto Enrolment really easy

the words ‘easy’ and ‘auto enrolment’ might seem like an oxymoron and really shouldn’t be uttered in the same sentence


New Auto Enrolment Services to rescue SME's in danger of fines

Husky launches new express and rescue services

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Postponing auto enrolment might give employers flexibility if used right

...but it’s a myth that one can avoid duty altogether


Christmas is not the time to put your feet up

January might seem a long way off, but not when it comes to Auto Enrolment

Workplace Pension Tasks

Too many still in the dark

The latest update from The Pensions Regulator shows too many employers are still not getting the message

Regulator Updates

Staggering’ rise in fines for failures on pensions

Thousands of small companies have been fined for failing to enrol staff in a workplace pension

Compliance fines

The Boat will have Sailed

Long awaited proposals for new workplace pension laws are welcome, but will be too late for most employers

Pensions Bill

No time for High Fives

Is the recent auto enrolment update from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) all the good news that it might seem?

Pension Savers

Easy Does It...

Criticising us too strongly now for not saving enough risks derailing Auto-Enrolment

Pension Contribution Levels

We’re in danger of failing a generation of savers

Without additional protections in the immediate future auto-enrolment is in danger of disappointing a generation of new savers

Pension Savers

Panorama Pension Rip Offs - Our review: Don’t be scared away by headlines

An industry opened up by the new pension freedoms announced in 2015, which has changed the landscape when it comes to what we can all do with our retirement savings. As a result, the industry has inevitably opened the door to less scrupulous operators at the same time. With those greater freedoms comes an increased responsibility to tread carefully.

Trustworthy Pensions

The dog helps the bear choose a good workplace pension

As children and adults, we all look for guidance, advice and security when faced with unfamiliar situations. Workplace pensions are new for most employers. So when we’re told we must choose one for our workers and when ‘experts’ are telling us to be careful what we choose, where should we look to for guidance?

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How does anyone know if a workplace pension is any good?

Small employers aren’t financial experts – they are normal human beings. They need much more help to know what’s a decent provider and what isn’t. We couldn’t be agnostic – there’s too much risk of harm.

Trustworthy Pension Schemes

Don’t let payroll get between you and a good pension scheme

Husky enables employers and accountants to look at workplace pensions and auto-enrolment as the business issue it is.

Workplace Pension Payroll

When it comes to choosing a pension scheme, employers need to know what good looks like

How do responsible accountants and employers actually know what a ‘good quality’ pension scheme looks like?

Workplace Pension Choice

A complete service that makes light-work of workplace pensions

In the UK, the gap between the kind of lifestyle the average person hopes to enjoy in retirement and the kind of lifestyle that we’re on track to be able to afford, is substantial.

Husky Workplace Pension Service

The question of contributions

There are escalating minimum contribution levels for workplace pensions. Until the end of September 2017 it’s 2%, rising to 5% until October 2018 when it goes up again to 8%.

Pension Contributions

Advisors and the auto-enrolment market

Many employers left to offer a workplace pension will be looking for external help, whether from an IFA, accountant or even book-keeper as they struggle to comply. This creates opportunity – but also an obligation to clients to “get it right”.

Pension Advisors

Look To The Future - Make It Rosy

Under the new rules for auto-enrolment, all employers must eventually offer a workplace pension scheme and automatically enrol eligible workers in it. Automatic enrolment is being introduced in stages up until 2018. The largest employers started first, followed by medium-sized. We’re now entering the phase when small employers, are being introduced.

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