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Competitor Comparison

How Husky compares to other services

Why Husky's Different

There are multiple different services out in the marketplace that claim to help small employers set up auto enrolment. It can be difficult to know who to turn to.

Husky differs from the competition in that we are the only complete end to end auto enrolment service.

Not only do we give you real choice in what scheme you choose, but we also set-up and then completely manage your pension scheme saving you time and leaving you free to get on doing what you do best.

Why Husky is the best option

  • We help you to choose which pension from a wide array of providers
  • We set up your scheme making you compliant with the regulator - and let them know
  • We continue to manage your scheme for you - we do all the hard work
  • Need any further clarity? Call us on 08000448114.
Husky Finance
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Creative Auto Enrolment
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Complete choice over scheme
Handles all admin
Produces Declaration of Compliance
Maintains Compliance

Complete Choice Over Scheme

Unlike many other auto enrolment companies which have only one provider offered, Husky gives you choice in which provider you choose. We also help you choose the right scheme for you and your workers.

Husky handles all your admin

Many AE solutions expect you to constantly manage your scheme, which can take up a significant amount of your time.

Husky's different - we handle all admin around your scheme, including managing staff changes and communications with your employees.

You simply send us your payroll once a month and we handle everything, saving you time and allowing you to get on with what you do best.

Declaration of Compliance

The Pensions Regulator needs to be informed that you are compliant with existing legislation. Once you have a valid scheme in place, you need to produce a Declaration of Compliance.

With Husky, we produce the Declaration of Compliance for you and let the regulator know you're compliant, saving you time and hassle. .

Maintains Compliance

Once your scheme is up and running, we make sure you stay compliant with the relevant legislation, keeping things running smoothly for you.