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What clients say about their Husky experience

We’re helping businesses every day with their Auto Enrolment needs. Read feedback from delighted Husky clients

Ticket to Ride logo

Simon Rich | Ticket to Ride

format_quote When Auto Enrolment was put in front of our business with its deadlines and legislation, we had started to panic a bit. Without Husky, we wouldn’t have got anything set up in time so we would have been vulnerable to a scheme that may have taken advantage of our desperate situation. format_quote

Morgan Cameron logo

Margaret Thornton | Morgan Cameron

format_quote Our clients trust our advice. We wanted to find a partner who was flexible enough to help all our clients – payroll and non-payroll. format_quote

White Hart Associates logo

Nikki Spoor | White Hart Associates

format_quote Husky puts the onus in the right place - finding the right investment vehicle for the future security of the individual employee. format_quote

Family First Solicitors logo

Ursula Rice | Family First Solicitors

format_quote Choosing the right pension scheme for our employees and offering quality benefits to them, is of utmost importance. Husky helped us to understand how contribution levels can impact the financial outcome of the scheme. format_quote

Stroud Farm logo

Paul Rinder | Stroud Farm

format_quote We worried about falling foul of investing our and our employees’ money into the wrong type of scheme or provider. When I spoke with Husky I realised that there was help out there. Husky gave me the information I needed to opt for a good provider. The service that Husky provides, at an affordable price, has been superb. format_quote

Cherubs Nursery logo

Linda Triggs | Cherubs Nursery

format_quote I had no idea about the real costs of workplace pensions until I asked Husky for help. The pension providers make it look simple, but I realised that it’s the cost to the business and our workers over the lifetime of the pension that is important – not the set-up fees or the fees in the first year. Husky helped me to understand what I was choosing, buying and providing for my workers. format_quote

Tax4Today logo

Denis Day | Tax4Today

format_quote I co-own five Tax4Today branches – so it was important that I found a workplace pensions partner that was right for a large number of my clients. Husky came well recommended and I have been delighted with the service. I refer all my clients to Husky to make sure they are fully compliant and empowered to choose the right pension, all at a cost that works for small employers. format_quote

Blythe Road Dental Practice logo

George Stramotas | Blythe Road Dental Practice

format_quote We have been so impressed with the simplicity of the whole process. We were presented with a choice of suitable schemes which matched the unique profile of our business. Their knowledgeable team have removed this administrative headache for us – we are so delighted with everything from start to finish. format_quote

Martin & Co logo

Martin & Co | Martin & Co

format_quote From the first time I spoke with Husky, I realised how much our clients needed them. The Husky service makes life easy for them when going through the process of choosing, running and managing a workplace pension. Thanks to Husky, my clients can focus on their businesses and not have to worry about the intricacies of this new regulation. We have sent lots of clients to Husky and we can't recommend them highly enough. format_quote

Let Husky Help Your Company

Husky Auto Enrolment is a workplace pension service designed specifically for small and micro size employers. The service allows small businesses to compare pension providers based on their specific needs.

The service takes care of the ongoing administration required to assess a workforce accurately, calculate contributions, and ensure small business schemes remain compliant at every payroll with the lowest effort possible.

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