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Why Husky?

Husky Finance helps business owners find the right pension scheme for their business and their staff

The key to financial freedom is choice

For each individual, no matter their circumstance, to have the ability to choose the savings, investment and pensions schemes that are just right for them is key to financial freedom

Lack of choice

Most people aren’t exposed to the full range of choices when making financial decisions that could affect their lives. Too often they’re pushed into a default scheme or product that they haven’t chosen for themselves

We believe financial freedom is a right, not a privilege

We think that’s wrong. We think financial freedom should be a right, not a privilege. That’s why we’re designing powerful, portable tools that enable people to make smarter financial decisions throughout their lives

Husky Finance

How It Works


Our complete workplace pension service is designed to make the process of choosing, setting up and managing a workplace pension simple

What We Do


Our service undertakes a number of steps to minimise the effort required from a business owner. From ensuring compliance, staff communications and ongoing assessments, we've got you covered

About Us


Husky works with employers and small business owners to make sure their employees get a decent pension scheme from a proven provider