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We’re not a bank or pension provider. At Husky, we are proud leaders in pension technology. Our diverse team of experts, including compliance specialists and software engineers, is dedicated to enabling companies in the UK to maximise their pensions.

Our story

We started in 2012. When enrolment hit the UK, SMEs faced significant challenges, as they were unsure where to turn and risked being left behind. Our focus was on delivering administrative software to streamline this process. 

Our mission

Our mission was to assist in making smart workplace decisions, enabling the implementation of benefits such as Salary Exchange.

Our achievements

We achieved over two thousand happy clients and over ten thousand employees taking advantage of our platform. But these are just numbers. Our main achievement is knowing our clients are saving time and money while avoiding compliance headaches.

Brendan Shanks – CEO
Olga Sala – COO
Robin Kilpatrick – CTO
Nigel Monteiro – Customer Services
Michael Brown – Head of Compliance
Sharon Murphy – Compliance & Admin
Padraig O'Shea – Compliance & Admin
Dave Harrington – Quality Assurance
Jon Samwell - Frontend Development
Gustavo Fonseca – Marketing Manager
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Over 2,000 employers save time and money with Husky.

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