Make your workplace pension work for you

How we help

Take control of your pension – the way you have control over online banking

The Husky for Everyone app makes it easy to get to grips with your workplace pension – and make sure you’re investing in what’s important to you. It’s simple to see how much you’re saving, what tax benefits you’re accruing and how your savings are invested and growing.

  • Cut through the complexity, so you truly understand your pension

  • Get more visibility and control over your retirement planning

  • Increase your take-home pay and your savings by utilising Salary Exchange

  • Understanding how your savings are being responsibly invested

  • Gain greater returns from the money you’re investing

Boost take-home pay

There’s a simple way to change how your pension contributions are deducted, so you increase net pay while saving more. We make it easy for your employer to set this up for you.

Save more for retirement

Don’t settle for a scheme with high fees – it can cost you £1,000s over the life of your pension. We help your employer offer you better, lower-cost schemes – with no admin hassle for anyone.

Invest responsibly

Make sure your pension is invested in line with your values. With Husky, you get independent ethical scoring, so you can direct your savings into responsible schemes.


Boost take-home pay

Increase your net pay while saving more into your pension – with salary exchange.

Salary exchange is a simple change in the way your employer deducts your pension contributions. Nearly everyone has the right to salary exchange, but only a small percentage of people do it because of how their employers originally set up the workplace pension scheme.

Husky makes it easy for your employer to offer you salary exchange – we take care of all the admin, so it’s seamless for you and them.

Husky mobile app salary exchange calculator
Husky mobile app voluntary contribution page


Save more for retirement

Don’t settle for a pension with high fees. Over the rest of your working life, that can add up to £1,000s of your money wasted, through no fault of your own. We help your employer offer you better, lower-cost schemes – with no admin hassle for anyone.

Through Husky, it’s easy to compare pensions with complete transparency on fees, so you cut through the complexity and can see exactly how much you’re paying. And because we offer preferential pricing you can’t get independently, you can save up to 80% on fees. Why not check how much you could be saving?


Invest responsibly

We’ve partnered with ethical investment specialist Impact Lens to give you independent, transparent scoring on how pension schemes are investing your money. It’s a unique service that, for the first time, makes it easy to see at a glance whether your funds are invested in a way that aligns with your values.

Through the Husky for Everyone app, you can monitor investments based on environmental, social and governance standards. With a click of a button, it’s then simple to direct your savings into responsible schemes.

Husky H4E responsible investment

Your next step

For you to use the Husky for Everyone app, your employer has to sign up.

It works this way because key features – like pulling in your contribution information, setting up salary exchange and helping you choose schemes and funds – require coordination with how your company administers the workplace pension. Your employer gets a whole host of benefits through the Husky platform, too, from cost savings and admin simplicity to essential compliance management.






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