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A Case Study with Whitley Stimpson and Husky


Explore how Whitley Stimpson, a leading chartered accountancy firm based in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, successfully partnered with Husky to alleviate the complexities of auto-enrolment (AE) compliance and streamline payroll administration. This case study highlights the challenges faced by Whitley Stimpson and the transformative solutions provided by Husky to simplify the AE process for both the accountancy firm and their clients.

The Challenge
  • Whitley Stimpson’s role in supporting clients with AE compliance without providing regulated pensions advice.
  • Clients navigating the process independently or seeking guidance from independent financial advisors (IFAs).
  • Additional administrative burden and costs for both clients and Whitley Stimpson’s payroll department.
The Solution – Partnership with Husky
  • Collaborating with Husky to offer comprehensive AE compliance and administration services.
  • Simplifying the AE process through unbiased choice, reduced admin workload, and guaranteed compliance.
  • Initial concerns and reservations addressed by Husky’s seamless integration
Implementing the Partnership
  • Collaborative approach: Whitley Stimpson’s team contacting clients to explain the options and benefits of Husky’s services.
  • Transitioning clients to Husky for AE compliance, with Whitley Stimpson facilitating direct communication.
  • Continuous support from Husky, ensuring clients have peace of mind and expert guidance throughout the AE process.
The Husky Difference
  • Guided choice: Providing clients with informed decisions and access to a suitable pension scheme.
  • Reduced admin workload: Husky’s comprehensive service handling all aspects of AE compliance and administration.
  • Ensuring guaranteed compliance, alleviating clients’ concerns and removing the burden of AE complexities.
  • Enhancing Whitley Stimpson’s service offering and empowering the payroll department with specialist AE support.
Client Feedback and Benefits
  • Positive feedback from clients on Husky’s efficient and comprehensive service.
  • Alleviating clients’ confusion and challenges associated with AE compliance.
  • Whitley Stimpson delivering a more comprehensive service and strengthening client relationships.
  • Husky’s expertise surpassing that of other third-party AE providers.

Whitley Stimpson’s successful partnership with Husky highlights the significant benefits of outsourcing AE compliance and payroll administration to a trusted specialist. By collaborating with Husky, Whitley Stimpson simplified the AE process for their clients, reduced administrative burdens, and ensured guaranteed compliance. The positive feedback received from clients underscores the value of Husky’s comprehensive service and its contribution to Whitley Stimpson’s ability to deliver exceptional client experiences.

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