Cargo Partner Ltd: A Case Study of Successful Pension Management by Husky


Cargo Partner Ltd, a specialist in transportation services and info-logistics solutions, faced challenges with their pension obligations. Moore Kingston Smith introduced them to Husky’s pension management services after being contacted by The Pensions Regulator (TPR). This article highlights how Husky helped Cargo Partner overcome their pension-related challenges and achieve compliance.

The Challenge
  • Cargo Partner needed to set up a pension scheme for their employees.
  • They faced a fine from TPR and needed help mitigating it.
  • The company lacked in-house resources to manage their pension scheme effectively.
The Solution
  • Husky set up a pension scheme for Cargo Partner, helping them choose a suitable provider.
  • Husky conducted an audit and brought pension contributions up to date.
  • They successfully liaised with TPR, mitigating the risk of a fine.
  • Husky completed the Declaration of Compliance on behalf of Cargo Partner.
Current Status and Benefits
  • Cargo Partner has grown from one employee to sixty-six, with Husky managing their pension duties.
  • They have access to the Husky Portal to review and approve employee pension arrangements.
  • Salary Exchange has been implemented, allowing employees to increase take-home pay and savings.
  • The Husky for Everyone app empowers employees to manage their contributions and savings.
Let Husky Help You
  • Husky can assist with setting up and managing your pension scheme, allowing you to focus on your business.
  • If you have compliance concerns or have received a notice from TPR, Husky provides guidance.
  • Contact Husky for assistance or register online within minutes.

Cargo Partner’s success story showcases how Husky’s pension management services can address challenges and ensure compliance for businesses. With Husky’s expertise, companies can streamline their pension administration, benefit from cost savings, and focus on their core operations. Contact Husky today to unlock the benefits of effective pension management.


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