How to Choose a Pension Provider for Your Small Business

In the world of small business management, every decision carries weight, and none perhaps more so than those concerning employee benefits. Among these, choosing a pension provider stands out as both crucial and complex. With the landscape constantly shifting, it’s essential to partner with a provider that not only meets regulatory standards but also aligns with your company’s ethos and long-term goals. 


Comparator tool 

Husky provides a comparator tool to access exclusive rates from various providers and seamlessly transfer existing schemes. The tool provides several key factors: 

  • Employee and Employer Pricing: Understand the costs for both parties involved. 
  • Investment Strategies: Assess the provider’s approach to investing your pension funds. 
  • Performance: Review the historical performance of the provider’s investments. 
  • Default Fund: Evaluate the default investment option provided. 
  • ESG: Consider the provider’s stance on environmental, social, and governance factors. 
  • Choice of Funds: Check the variety of funds available to employees. 

Husky’s comparator tool simplifies this process, offering preferential rates and streamlining comparisons.  


Prioritise Compliance and Support 

Compliance is a non-negotiable aspect of pension provision, and Husky takes this responsibility seriously. As your pension administrators, they conduct regular audits to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, reducing your liability and mitigating risk. Moreover, Husky provides ongoing support and serves as a liaison with regulatory bodies, such as the Pensions Regulator, on your behalf. 


Enhance Employee Engagement 

Husky’s employee engagement solutions, including the Huskyapp, empower your workforce to take control of their financial futures by easily accessing and managing their pensions. By making pensions a visible and valued employee benefit, you foster loyalty and engagement within your team. 


Embrace Innovative Solutions such as Salary Exchange/Sacrifice 

In 2024, forward-thinking businesses are embracing innovative solutions like Salary Exchange to optimize their finances and enhance employee benefits. With Husky’s support, implementing Salary Exchange is a breeze, with automated processes and full support every step of the way. By leveraging this no-cost, high-value benefit, both your company and your employees can enjoy significant savings. 



Husky’s comparator tool simplifies the process, along with our special rates. Additionally, Husky’s end-to-end management service ensures every detail of your workplace pension is handled accurately, including compliance. 

Once set up, Husky’s service guarantees precise management of your pension. Use their comparator tool to access exclusive rates from multiple providers and let them take care of setup and even transferring your existing pension scheme. 


Husky turns workplace pensions into the employer's super power

Husky is the sole independent workplace pension platform in the UK. Husky’s team has invested in technology that integrates your pension, payroll, salary exchange and compliance into one system to improve the financial well-being and save your business time and money.