Husky crowdfunding smashes target

It was the first time we tried crowdfunding, and it was a resounding success – we hit our target in just 15 days.

Many thanks to the 460 people who helped us raise more than £415,000. The investment will drive more product development and marketing initiatives that help people take more control over pensions.

We kicked off our fundraising campaign with Crowdcube in May. Crowdcube has been a Husky client since 2019, and they thought crowdfunding would be a good fit for us. Husky has raised £5 million from angel investors over the years, and clients and partners had long been asking about participating, too. CrowdCube’s suggestion was the perfect way to offer people that opportunity.

We’re excited to have exceeded our target of £300,000 despite the current situation – and are proud of and grateful for all the support.

Thank you again to all investors, and welcome to our journey!

The workplace pension everyone deserves

Husky’s technology unlocks the power of workplace pensions for businesses of all sizes. We offer pension schemes, salary exchange, and payroll systems to enhance financial well-being and prosperity.