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Workplace Pensions by Husky Finance

Helping people make smarter choices for better financial outcomes

Husky Finance helps people get better financial outcomes from their money

The key to financial freedom is choice – for each individual, no matter their circumstance, to have the ability to choose the savings, investment and pensions schemes that are just right for them.

Choice matters. But most people aren’t exposed to the full range of choices when making financial decisions that will affect their entire lives. At worst, they’re not even offered a choice – they’re pushed into a default scheme or product that they haven’t chosen for themselves.

Our Mission

We think financial freedom should be a right, not a privilege. That’s why we’re designing powerful, portable tools that enable everyone to make smarter financial decisions throughout their lives.

Our Mission for Auto Enrolment Workplace Pension Choice

Give employees peace of mind. Make the right decisions for their future.

Workplace pensions is a serious matter. The long-term, financial security of your employees can be boosted greatly by your choice of pension scheme for them. Auto-enrolment should not be just a question of ticking a compliance box.

Husky will help you to review the schemes available to you, choose the right one for your business and your employees, and efficiently handle the set-up and ongoing administration.

Good workplace pensions for small businesses

1.8 million small business owners in the UK will be required to choose, set-up and run a workplace pension for their workers in the next 18 months. If you’re one of them, you may be struggling even to understand what is needed, let alone choose a trustworthy pension and get it up and running.

Husky helps you make an informed choice, establish it now and manage things smoothly in the future – it is the only complete service that allows you to free up your time with confidence. Affordable for small businesses, Husky charges a small set-up fee (from £50) and a low monthly fee (from £25).