Our combined offering

Every business with employees handles payroll, some outsource this task and some manage it internally. Payroll is often offered as part of accounting and bookkeeping packages, but Husky focuses solely on payroll and pension.

This is why we came up with our very own 3-in-1 payroll service. Husky’s integrated solution takes care of your payroll, workplace pension and Salary Exchange scheme. Put your feet up while your payroll is being taken care of for you, allowing you to focus on tasks that matter.


We run payroll for you

We set up and manage your workplace pension for you


We run your Salary Exchange
scheme for you

We discovered that over 95% of small businesses are not benefiting from the Salary Exchange scheme. We handle the setup and management for you, so you don’t miss out on this valuable benefit.

Why setting up Salary Exchange is so crucial?

It allows you and your employees to save on National Insurance contributions, putting more money in their pockets each month and increasing cash savings for your business.

In short, everyone wins.


Advantages for Employers

Less hassle cost for you

More now later

Reduced tax and NICs

This cost-effective agreement reduces the employee’s annual salary. Income tax and NICs are then calculated on lower earnings, allowing you and your staff to keep more and save more.

Boosted business savings

Paying less NICs to your employee’s record means more business savings for you.

Boosted pension pot

You could boost your employee’s pot by adding your business savings to their pension. Salary Sacrifice becomes a valuable workplace benefit when employers boost their staff’s pensions.

Increased employee satisfaction

Salary Sacrifice is a zero-cost employee benefit. It increases employee satisfaction and retention.

Our clients benefit from our service in numerous ways

Easy implementation

Husky’s payroll solution helps business owners focus on things that matter.


We bring pension management to life with our Husky for Everyone app. This app makes it easy for your employees to track and manage their retirement savings and view their payslips on the app too!


You’re in control of your business payroll with our leading cloud-based software while we manage it for you.

Start to finish management

We manage your payroll from start to finish. Our choose-setup-and-run service takes the headache out of running payroll properly.


We make sure your payroll is done right and is legal. You’re now fully compliant, not confused.

Ongoing Support

We provide real human support via email and phone whenever you need it.

See why employers
choose Husky.

"I have been working closely with Husky for the past 5 years, not only because they were a member of Innovate Finance but also because we are a Husky client. We have been very impressed with Husky, from their innovative technology and great UX to implementing tax benefits that we were not even aware of, like Salary Exchange, so that our staff get more on their NET pay and on their pension.  They offer an end-to-end workplace pension service that's extremely helpful to any small SME looking for help on Auto-Enrolment and to scale-ups like us, who are looking to ensure pension compliance and at the same time make pensions a stand-up employee benefit."

Janine Hirt | CEO, Innovate Finance
"Larger companies have real challenges meeting their employees’ demand for responsible and sustainable investments. Husky is a great answer to this challenge, enabling firms to maintain compliance whilst putting choice in the individual’s hands."

John Ditchfield | Head of Responsible Investment, Helm Godfrey
"Auto-enrolment has been one of the biggest changes in the workplace for many years, and is aimed at ensuring more employees are saving for retirement and have a pension. The Husky partnership provides a perfect solution for our clients, enabling them to set up a scheme that is not just compliant, but affordable and the right fit for their business and staff."

Val Buzzard | Director of Whitley Stimpson
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Our Achievements


savings on pension fees with Husky’s exclusive preferential rates.


businesses have saved money, streamlined admin and ensured compliance with Husky.


individuals have more control over retirement planning because their employers use Husky.

Pricing to suit business of all sizes

When registering, you can opt for us to also handle your compliance matters. Please note that selecting extra services may result in pricing variations based on the size and complexity of your business. Rest assured, we will provide a pricing solution tailored to your specific needs. If you have non-monthly payroll, contact us to discuss the ongoing management fee.



  • Setup fee £50



  • Setup fee £50



  • Setup fee £100



  • Setup fee £200



  • For organisations with over 50 employees, a customised and detailed approach is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions you can always access our knowledge base on this link

It’s very simple!

We came up with this 3-in-1 integrated solution for busy employers, that takes care of payroll, pensions and Salary Sacrifice for you.

1. We run payroll for you. We manage leavers and onboarding, keeping track of salary and tax changes as well as producing accurate payslips with the correct PAYE tax, pension contributions and NICs.

2. We set up and manage your auto-enrolment scheme. You choose the pension scheme that’s right for your staff and we set it up for you. Our end-to-end management service gives you back the time to focus on your business.

3. We run the Salary Exchange scheme for you. Employers avoid this employee benefit as it is complicated to implement and tricky to remain compliant. However, we can make the switch to this scheme for you through our app – all agreements are now signed online reducing paperwork – while our system automatically makes the calculations each month.

You can learn more here.

There are many benefits to choosing us to help you run your payroll. Not only do we do this effectively and on time but we also offer additional services in the package, such as pension management and Salary Exchange setup.

Our mission is to help you save time and focus on your business. We take the headache out of payroll as we manage it from start to finish with our leading cloud-based software.

The way we ensure that we deliver a great service is to also pay attention to the compliance side of your business and operations. We make sure your payroll is done right.

Also, our Husky for Everyone app not only helps with automating all processes and signing the agreements, it also gives control to employees to manage their retirement savings and view their payslips! It’s a win-win!

We are very transparent with our services and our pricing. Which is why we’ve included the costs on our website. There are no hidden costs and fees with Husky.

We believe in our product. Our 3-in-one payroll solution will take the headache out of payroll and give you peace of mind.

We are very transparent with our services and our pricing. Which is why we’ve included the costs on our website. There are no hidden costs and fees with Husky.

We believe in our product. Our 3-in-one payroll solution will take the headache out of payroll and give you peace of mind.

We understand how time consuming and complicated payroll is. But it doesn’t have to be. Outsourcing your payroll does have its perks and it can save you time and money.

It is very common for business owners to outsource their payroll. If you’re looking to outsource, speak to a member in our team. Our 3-in-1 integrated solution handles your payroll, workplace pension and Salary Exchange setup, leaving you with more time in your hands and less stress.

See how to get started in 3 easy steps
Book a demo

Simply book a demo with us and we will organise all next steps for you.


You accept the agreement and sign the necessary documents that have been prepared for you by Husky, with a press of a button. The employee signs the agreement through the app too.

That's it

You’re all set, start saving!

Award-winning solution


Have the financial experience you and your employees deserve.