3-in-1 payroll service that works for you

Payroll, pensions and Salary Exchange in a single service. Save time, save money.
We take care of everything

Integrated solution for SMEs

Husky brings together all the elements of payroll, workplace pensions and salary exchange-able benefits under one roof.

We offer a comprehensive payroll solution that operates seamlessly with workplace pensions and employee benefits. No more Post-it notes, confusing email threads or constant uploading and downloading.

We will take care of everything.

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Payroll that works

Comprehensive payroll solution, starting with onboarding new staff and dealing with leavers, through to helping administer payroll changes and reviewing each payroll run.

Pension choice and setup

If your company needs a pension scheme setup, or if you want to offer something better to your staff, Husky’s comparator software is the solution. You can choose the right company pension scheme for your business based on costs and company values, and we set it up for you.

Running your pension

Husky’s end-to-end management service ensures every aspect of your workplace pension is handled precisely. We ensure your company pension is fully compliant with auto-enrolment regulations so that you don’t get fined by the Pensions Regulator.

Smart Mobile App

We help your employees manage every aspect of their workplace pension and payroll with the “Husky for Everyone” mobile app. Employees now have full visibility of their payslips, in our app.

Simple, transparent pricing

Our clear pricing for monthly payrolls is based on the number of workers in your business and your payroll frequency – with no hidden fees at any stage.

Our combined offering includes:

  • Payroll
  • Workplace pension setup and management
  • Salary Exchange implementation and management

If you have non-monthly payroll, contact us to discuss the ongoing management fee.


Monthly fee












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Payroll that works for you

The way payroll gets done hasn’t changed much in the last decade. It’s time for something better.

Working with a leading cloud-based payroll software solution and having a team of payroll experts, you can be assured that with Husky, your payroll is in safe hands. 

Smart Automation – Payroll is automated. Payslips and pension contributions are automatically calculated each month, saving you time and extra costs. 

Efficient Service – We handle each payroll run, from calculating PAYE tax and pension contributions to NICs. We keep up with salary and tax code changes and generate correct payslips and reports monthly. We maintain an excellent standard of work for your peace of mind. 

Mobile App – Our mobile app creates easier access to employees’ payslips and better visibility. All payslips can be seen and downloaded through the Husky for Everyone app.

Auto Enrolment made easy

Husky make it easy to find the auto-enrolment workplace pension that’s right for you and your staff. It’s designed to be a no-brainer for employers, helping you save money on fees and on operational costs.

Our smart comparator software helps you choose a workplace pension that we set up and run for you. Our end-to-end management service ensures that your payroll and workplace pension are in sync, automated and compliant. 

Pension choice and setup – Choose the right pension for your staff and we’ll set it up for you.

Declaration of compliance – With Husky, you’re always compliant mitigating the risk of fines and submitting the declaration of compliance for you. 

Automated sync – Payroll software is not always compatible with the pension scheme of your choice, but with Husky it is. 

workplace pension audit
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Save money with Salary Exchange

Salary Exchange – or Salary Sacrifice – is the zero-cost employee benefit that puts more money in the pockets of businesses and staff.

Our leading cloud-based integrated solution allows you to get all the benefits of Salary Exchange along with payroll and a workplace pension. With Salary Exchange and our help, you can put more cash in your employees’ pocket each month, potentially put more in their pension pot and save more cash for your business

Husky unlocks the benefits of Salary Exchange, in a 3-in-1 payroll service. Payroll that works for you. 

Boost take-home pay for your employees, putting more in their pockets. 

Pay less National Insurance Contributions and save more. 

Potentially keep more and reinvest it in your business. 

The best part? The whole process is automated. The application process is paperless and completed through the Husky for Everyone app. Our system auto-generates the employment contract side-letters and makes the Salary Exchange calculations automatically each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Husky's payroll services work?

It’s very simple!

We came up with this 3-in-1 integrated solution for busy employers, that takes care of payroll, pensions and Salary Sacrifice for you.

1. We run payroll for you. We manage leavers and onboarding, keeping track of salary and tax changes as well as producing accurate payslips with the correct PAYE tax, pension contributions and NICs.

2. We set up and manage your auto-enrolment scheme. You choose the pension scheme that’s right for your staff and we set it up for you. Our end-to-end management service gives you back the time to focus on your business.

3. We run the Salary Exchange scheme for you. Employers avoid this employee benefit as it is complicated to implement and tricky to remain compliant. However, we can make the switch to this scheme for you through our app – all agreements are now signed online reducing paperwork – while our system automatically makes the calculations each month.

You can learn more here.

Why choose Husky's payroll services for small businesses?

There are many benefits to choosing us to help you run your payroll. Not only do we do this effectively and on time but we also offer additional services in the package, such as pension management and Salary Exchange setup.

Our mission is to help you save time and focus on your business. We take the headache out of payroll as we manage it from start to finish with our leading cloud-based software.

The way we ensure that we deliver a great service is to also pay attention to the compliance side of your business and operations. We make sure your payroll is done right.

Also, our Husky for Everyone app not only helps with automating all processes and signing the agreements, it also gives control to employees to manage their retirement savings and view their payslips! It’s a win-win!

How much do Husky's payroll services cost in the UK?

We are very transparent with our services and our pricing. Which is why we’ve included the costs on our website. There are no hidden costs and fees with Husky.

We believe in our product. Our 3-in-one payroll solution will take the headache out of payroll and give you peace of mind.

How is payroll managed with Husky?

There’s an expert team behind an automated system. Your payroll is in safe hands.

Although most of our processes are automated with the help of our smart technology, our expert payroll and compliance team always reviews and approves the final payslips and end results.

Should I outsource my payroll?

We understand how time consuming and complicated payroll is. But it doesn’t have to be. Outsourcing your payroll does have its perks and it can save you time and money.

It is very common for business owners to outsource their payroll. If you’re looking to outsource, speak to a member in our team. Our 3-in-1 integrated solution handles your payroll, workplace pension and Salary Exchange setup, leaving you with more time in your hands and less stress.

Let’s discuss

How Husky can help your business

Husky’s unique combined offering offers payroll, workplace pensions and employee benefits under one service for SMEs. Let’s discuss how we can help you and your staff.

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