Husky’s payroll service for small businesses

Every business with employees handles payroll, some outsource this task and some manage it internally. Payroll is often offered as part of accounting and bookkeeping packages, but Husky focuses solely on payroll and pension.

Payroll is not a simple task but a process that involves keeping track of working hours, calculating employee payments and paying their salary. It also involves making deductions from an employee’s salary for tax purposes and calculating pension contributions.

We understand how painful and time-consuming payroll can be. But it doesn’t have to be.

This is why we came up with our very own 3-in-1 payroll service. Husky’s integrated solution takes care of your payroll, workplace pension and Salary Exchange scheme. Put your feet up while your payroll is being taken care of for you, allowing you to focus on tasks that matter.

Read more and find out more about Husky’s payroll service.

Why choose Husky’s payroll solution for your business

We simplify payroll and workplace pensions, managing all your processes and ensuring you’re compliant. Our payroll software integrates three services in one.

We run payroll for you. We manage leavers and onboard new staff from start to finish, automating the process through our app and portal. We keep up with salary and tax code changes and generate correct payslips and reports monthly. We take care of your company payslips from start to finish, calculating PAYE tax, pension contributions and NICs. We take full responsibility for each payroll run, ensuring that it has been reviewed and approved to excellent standards.

We set up and manage your workplace pension for you. By law, all business owners should ensure their employees save for their retirement and auto-enrol them to the company’s pension scheme. Husky helps you pick a pension scheme that is suitable for your employees and right for your company and sets it up for you. Then, our end-to-end management service handles pension calculations and makes sure you’re fully compliant.

We run your Salary Exchange scheme for you. Businesses and SMEs avoid implementing a Salary Exchange (or Salary Sacrifice) scheme because it is difficult to be compliant. But through an HMRC-compliant paperless process, we set up your Salary Exchange scheme for you, helping you save more and potentially give more to your employees. Salary Exchange is an employee benefit that puts more in the pockets of businesses and staff.

Our integrated solution for SMEs takes care of everything. Payroll is now automated for you; this means that you have fewer emails and phone calls when managing your payroll. Payroll is automated and processed in one simple portal, where you have access 24/7.

It’s a payroll service that works for you, leaving you to focus on growing your business. Let’s discuss how we can help you and your staff. Drop us an email or a call.

How Husky can help your business

Your payroll is in safe hands. We have helped over 1,000 employers handle their payroll and pensions and give back to their employees. We’ve also helped 8,000 employees get more in their pockets and have more in their pension for retirement.

Our clients benefit from our service in numerous ways:

  • Husky’s payroll solution helps business owners focus on things that matter.
  • You’re in control of your business payroll with our leading cloud-based software while we manage it for you.
  • We manage your payroll from start to finish. Our choose-setup-and-run service takes the headache out of running payroll properly.
  • We make sure your payroll is done right and is legal. You’re now fully compliant, not confused.
  • We bring pension management to life with our Husky for Everyone app. This app makes it easy for your employees to track and manage their retirement savings and view their payslips on the app too!

Husky’s payroll now works for you, and your employees get paid accurately and on time. Your auto-enrolment pension scheme works seamlessly and you’re fully compliant. Your Salary Exchange saves time and money for you and your employees.

Our payroll service is what your business needs.

Husky’s payroll solution can save you time and save you money.

All you have to do is:

  • Get in touch or book a call with us today. Start your application with Husky – it takes less than five minutes!
  • One of our pensions experts will contact you to discuss your options and how we will set up all processes for you. Our goal is to run your 3-in-1 payroll seamlessly.
  • And we’ll take care of the rest. Payroll setup, management and compliance – all in one service.

Let us take some tasks off your plate. Our leading cloud-based software combines payroll, workplace pensions and Salary Exchange all in one place.

Take back control of your pension with Husky.

Husky turns workplace pensions into the employer's super power

Husky is the sole independent workplace pension platform in the UK. Husky’s team has invested in technology that integrates your pension, payroll, salary exchange and compliance into one system to improve the financial well-being and save your business time and money.