Salary Exchange

The zero-cost employee benefit

They get more. You keep more.

Right now, you pay National Insurance contributions on your employees’ gross salary and, then, contribute to their workplace pension as well. Your employees also contribute to their pension and National Insurance record. 

But in a Salary Exchange scheme – or Salary Sacrifice scheme – both you and your employees could pay less National Insurance contributions.


In a Salary Exchange scheme, the employee agrees to give up a portion of their salary for a non-cash benefit. This is usually for increased pension contributions. What happens next is that:

  • you pay your employee’s workplace pension directly from their gross salary.
  • Your employee’s gross salary is reduced by that amount.
  • Both you and your employee pay less NICs based on lower earnings than before.

This means more cash in your employees’ pockets each month, potentially more pension in their pot and more cash left in your business.

That’s a lot of mores. 

See the savings your company could make tomorrow with our Salary Exchange simulator.

Husky mobile app

Salary exchange calculator

See how implementing salary exchange can positively benefit your company and workers

Why Salary Exchange

Salary Exchange – or Salary Sacrifice – is a simple, administrative change to how your company manages workplace pensions. It costs the business nothing. It reduces your tax liability and is an easy way to help staff boost their pension savings.

Business Savings

You reduce your National Insurance Contributions and save more for your business.

Extra take-home pay

Your employee pays less National Insurance and saves more cash in their pocket.

No-cost employee benefit

It’s a quick win for recruitment and employee retention.

Choose Husky’s Salary Exchange service

Salary Exchange delivers value to businesses and staff. But the admin and the shift to this scheme can be complex. With Husky, it’s easy to make this win-win shift to Salary Exchange. 

The entire Salary Exchange process with Husky is automated. You and your employees don’t have to do anything, just press a button and sign the agreement. 

See how we implement Salary Exchange for you.

Step 1

Your employees understand the benefits of this scheme by using the Husky for Everyone app

Step 2

They request the Salary Exchange scheme from you, their employer, through the app. There’s no paperwork as documents are signed through the app.

Step 3

You accept the agreement and sign the necessary documents that have been prepared for you by Husky, with a press of a button. The employee signs the agreement through the app too.

Step 4

You’re all set, start saving! Salary Sacrifice helps you and your employees get more now and have more later

Husky mobile app salary exchange calculator

The system is automated and calculates the pension contributions for your employees, so you don’t have to. 

With Husky’s Salary Sacrifice service:

  • You’re always compliant. 
  • The system’s integrated compliance flags employees whose salary drops below the minimum wage and employees whose contributions go below the auto-enrolment minimums.
  • You save in operational and compliance administration costs.
  • Contributions are always correct. 
  • There’s less risk of errors.

What are the advantages of Salary Sacrifice?

It is a zero-cost employee benefit that puts more in the pockets of businesses and staff. Husky unlocks the benefits of Salary Sacrifice helping employers and employees save more.

Reduced tax and NICs.

This cost-effective agreement reduces the employee’s annual salary. Income tax and NICs are then calculated on lower earnings, allowing you and your staff to keep more and save more.

Boosted business savings.

Paying less NICs to your employee’s record means more business savings for you.

Boosted pension pot.

You could boost your employee’s pot by adding your business savings to their pension. Salary Sacrifice becomes a valuable workplace benefit when employers boost their staff’s pensions.

Increased employee satisfaction.

Salary Sacrifice is a zero-cost employee benefit. It increases employee satisfaction and retention.

Instant tax relief.

Basic earners get instant tax relief but high-earners have to claim back the extra 20%-25% tax themselves. We take the extra work off your plate by setting up Salary Exchange and giving all earners instant tax relief.

Let’s discuss

How salary exchange will benefit your business.

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