Getting started with Salary Exchange 

Starting Your Salary Exchange Pension with our Husky App.  

  1. Access to Husky’s Salary Exchange services. You will need us to manage your Workplace pension first, and then you can activate Salary Exchange. 
  2. Confirm that your employees understand the benefits using the Husky for Everyone app. 
  3. Accept and sign the agreement and necessary documents provided by Husky. Employees can also sign the agreement through the app. 
  4. Provide some basic information about your current payroll setup. 
  5. Husky will assist you with this checklist and continue to support you throughout your journey. 

Going Live 

  • When you go live, your team will receive their first communication about salary exchange, its benefits and how to apply for it. Employee Education.
  • We ensure every employee can grasp the benefits of salary exchange. They will have access to our app, educational materials, and experts for any questions. 
  • The process starts with our communication to the team about the upcoming change. Employees can decide if the scheme suits them and apply directly using the Husky app. 

Payroll Run 

  • Once the employer has counter-signed the Salary Exchange agreements online using the Husky Portal, Salary Exchange will be automatically applied. 
  • Husky will work with your payroll team to ensure everything is setup correctly 

Ongoing Support 

  • Husky is committed to helping all your staff, present and future, understand the required pension contributions for their desired retirement. We’ll handle setup and administration and offer real human support via Email and Phone anytime you need it. 
  • Salary Exchange is not a one-off task: new workers joining the company, employees wanting to change their contribution levels or even salary changing affecting pension compliance are some of the monthly processes that Husky will manage on your behalf. 



Scheme Comparison 

  • Husky offers a range of Workplace Pension options that meet stringent criteria. We provide detailed information about each scheme’s benefits, worker and company costs, and the variations in the number of fund options. 

Scheme Setup 

  • Husky can efficiently set up various pension schemes for your company. In some cases, we can even leverage our contacts to secure better pricing. 

Auto-Enrolment Compliance Audit 

  • Husky’s auto-enrolment functionality ensures continuous validation of your company’s workplace pension scheme to ensure compliance with The Pensions Regulator (TPR) requirements. 

Pension Uploads 

  • Husky handles all aspects of pension administration, including enrolling new members, confirming pension contributions, sending statutory communications, and facilitating communication with the scheme for any other queries as needed. 

AE Admin (Declaration of Compliance, Communications, etc.) 

  • Husky takes care of the Declaration and Re-Declarations with The Pensions Regulator to confirm your company’s compliance with its duties. 

Rectification Services 

  • Husky offers a service to help companies that are not compliant or late with their duties (including companies who have been contacted and even fined by TPR). We take over the process of making them compliant, assessing the situation, backdating pension contributions, and liaising directly with TPR (including appealing the fines). 

Employee Engagement (Admin) 

  • Husky’s support team is available to assist workers in accessing their scheme, clarifying calculations, and addressing any other queries they may have. 

Employee Engagement (Retirement Planning, Other Benefits) 

  • Employees receive timely notifications for important financial decision-making moments.


Husky turns workplace pensions into the employer's super power

Husky is the sole independent workplace pension platform in the UK. Husky’s team has invested in technology that integrates your pension, payroll, salary exchange and compliance into one system to improve the financial well-being and save your business time and money.