Ongoing Duties of Automatic Enrolment for UK Employers

Automatic enrolment is a continuous responsibility for employers in the UK.  


Your obligations continue beyond the initial duties start date. Here’s a summary of your ongoing duties and a more detailed breakdown:  

Summary of Ongoing Duties  

  1. Monitor staff ages and earnings to determine pension scheme eligibility. 
  2. Ensure you’re making the minimum required contributions to the pension scheme. 
  3. Manage requests to join (opt in) or leave (opt out) the pension scheme and maintain accurate records. 
  4. Keep comprehensive records of how you’ve met your legal duties. 
  5. Every three years, perform re-enrolment duties and complete the re-declaration of compliance. 


Detailed Ongoing Duties  

  1. Monitor Staff Ages and Earnings Continuously monitor the ages and earnings of your staff, including new hires. 

Identify those who meet the pension scheme criteria. You must enroll eligible staff within six weeks of them meeting the age and earnings criteria.  

Eligible staff:  

  • Aged between 22 and State Pension age*  
  • Earn over £10,000 annually, £833 per month, or £192 per week  
  1. Maintain Contributions Once enrolled, maintain regular pension contributions. Pay the required amounts into the scheme every time you process payroll. Neglecting contributions may result in enforcement action. 
  2. Manage Joining and Leaving Requests If staff request to join the pension scheme, ensure they are enrolled within a month. You’re obligated to pay into the scheme for staff aged 16-74 earning at least £520 monthly or £120 weekly. Staff can choose to leave the scheme, known as opting out, within the first month. If they do, refund their contributions within one month. If they do it after the first month, they will not get a refund of the amounts they have already contributed into the scheme.
  3. Keep Records Maintain accurate records of your compliance, including names, addresses, payment dates, requests to join or leave, and pension scheme references. Also keep copies of all AE letters that need to be sent to the staff (enrolment letter, etc). Store records for six years (four years for leave requests).
  4. Re-enrolment and Re-declaration Every three years, re-enrol staff who left the scheme and meet eligibility criteria. This re-enrolment ensures continuous pension provision. The re-declaration of compliance must also be completed during this process. 


Salary Exchange

It is worth mentioning the Salary Exchange scheme (or Salary Sacrifice) because it is a different way of contributing into a workplace pension. If the employee agrees to join a Salary Exchange arrangement, they are agreeing to give up a portion of their gross salary that doesn’t affect the National Minimum wage limit, for a non-cash benefit – usually to increase the value of a pension pot. How it works is simple; the employee gives up a percentage of their gross salary which goes straight into their pension pot. Then, automatically, their NIC lowers and the contributions you, as the employer, have to make towards your worker’s NI. This means that both you and your employees save money, increase take-home pay and, if the employer wants to, they can add the company’s savings to the employee’s pension pot.  


Husky takes care of workplace management for employers and employees to enjoy the benefits of such a workplace scheme.  



Automatic enrolment involves ongoing responsibilities that require vigilance and adherence to legal requirements. By maintaining consistent contributions and keeping meticulous records, you ensure the well-being and financial security of your employees in their retirement.  


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