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Pension setup and management

At Husky we deal with anything to do with workplace pensions for our clients, automating the entire process whilst ensuring compliance. With Husky, you gain access to preferential rates from the pension providers, potentially saving up to 80% on fees, and Husky sets it all up on your behalf.


Pension setup & management mobile
Pension setup & management
Salary Exchange
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We unlock the benefits of Salary Exchange

It allows you and your employees to save on National Insurance contributions, putting more money in their pockets each month and increasing cash savings for your business.

These savings generated can cover Husky’s fees, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.


Simplified payroll solutions

Husky seamlessly manages your payroll and integrates with your existing pension schemes, all while utilising Salary Exchange for added savings. Our user-friendly app automates the whole workflow saving you time and money, and ensuring maximum efficiency and compliance. All the management is available in the portal for the employer as well.

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Compliance made easy

We ensure all auto-enrolment obligations are met, rectify any existing issues, and maintain full compliance for every employer. Even if you have compliance issues or have received a notice or fine from The Pensions Regulator, Husky can always help. With a proven track record of managing compliance for over 2,000 businesses, we’ve saved our clients more than £50,000 in fines, reducing hassle and costs while ensuring peace of mind for your business.

Watch this video for a deeper understanding of Husky.

Over 2,000 employers save time and money with Husky.

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Award-winning solution

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