Salary exchange webinar with our partners

Husky joined HRUX on a Salary Exchange Webinar.


HRUX talked about Salary Exchange (Salary Sacrifice) more generally. Harvey Pekins highlighted the benefits of salary exchange into electric cars, explaining how employees (and company directors) could secure their next car at a considerably lower cost.

After David Chandler explained the benefits of Salary Exchange for pension contributions, Olga Sala from Husky gave an overview of the challenges that SMEs face when implementing Salary Exchange and demonstrated how Husky bridge this gap with automation, focusing on the implementation and the monthly administration of salary sacrifice.

We wanted to thank everyone who joined the webinar.

For those who couldn’t make it, you can find the recording here.

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Husky’s technology unlocks the power of workplace pensions for businesses of all sizes. We offer pension schemes, salary exchange, and payroll systems to enhance financial well-being and prosperity.


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